With the high rate of global warming, sustainability is no longer debatable. In fact, every industry is vastly adopting sustainability as its new culture. The interior design industry is not left behind, and customers and designers search for sustainable interior design materials.

Are you also wishing to have sustainable interior design materials but lost at which materials are sustainable, pocket friendly, and bring out the beauty in your house? Search no more. Here are five sustainable interior design materials that would give your home the spark you want.


For your windows, flooring, and decorations, bamboo fits very well. It is both a beautiful and sustainable natural material.Bamboo is durable, pocket friendly, and gives you that natural or Asian influence in your house. You can also grow bamboo in your back yard.


Stones come in many forms like travertine, granite, and marbles. You can do a lot with stones, from decorating your kitchen countertops, floors, and anything else you can think of. Small stones like pebbles can also be used to plant interior trees.

Do you know what this would bring to you? Improved mood and freshness. Though natural stones are very durable, have low maintenance, and recyclable, they are finite and non-renewable.


You must have come across rattan in woven baskets and furniture. If you are still searching for how you can use rattan in your space, think of using it to hold flowers in your living room. Think also of rattan mats for your floor.

Just like bamboo, rattan grows very fast and is produced under low energy. It is also natural, recyclable, and biodegradable hence meeting sustainability demands.


Wood is the most widely known natural and sustainable resource. There are so many ways you can use wood to design your interiors.For example, what are your tables and doors made of? Have you thought of adding some art to your wooden tables and realized how easy it is.

You can also use wood on your floor. If you are from a cold place, having a wooden floor can help you deal with wearing shoes all the time. Lastly, you can craft the wood into beautiful images that speak more about you.


Sunlight is a natural resource given freely by Mother Nature every day of your life. Sunlight not only blends with all your interior designs but also brings that freshness and warmth you need. The only thing you need to do to get this ambiance is to place your windows in sunlight convenient corners.

For these and more ideas on sustainable interior design materials, please check out Tylko’s guide to sustainable materials. Tylko Company will be dealing with eco-friendly materials hence would seamlessly offer guidance in sustainable interior design materials for your space.