Hygge is a trend that a lot of people are going for. The Danish phenomenal applies to creating a happier life with those around us. The Danish décor is merely making a cozy and serene space shared with your family and friends. Below are décor ideas to add Hygge to your home and a happier lifestyle.

Please keep it simple

Keeping it simple means you create a calm and peaceful place that is free of clutter. You don’t have to have a lot of furniture in a room, just what is needed. The Danes are known for using soft colors to keep it simple.

Light candles

Artificial lighting can easily replace the glow of a candle. To create a Danish Hygge look at home, you can light more candles to create an inviting atmosphere and acquire the light needed for socializing. Socializing is one thing that the Danes are known for.

Spend more time in bed

Hygge encourages the concept of spending an extra hour in bed. Whether it is reading a newspaper or having breakfast, use plenty of layers, blankets, and pillows to create a cozy space.

Have a fireplace

Socializing and reading a magazine, or just doing a particular activity around a fireplace is part of the Danish culture. The Danes would approve a burning stove as a way of creating good energy.

Get Hygge with family

One of the essential concepts of Hygge is to get together with family and sometimes friends. Getting together for dinner parties and having a bottle of wine.

Display family pictures

Hygge is about creating an environment full of happiness and joy. So, what is a better way of achieving this than displaying old family photos and paintings to bring up good old memories?