If you are a music lover, you probably have hundreds of vinyl record collections to preserve and display. Collecting great LP records is something-but keeping them safe, organized and stylish is everything. Fortunately, there are numerous renowned companies with a wide array of record storage options at your disposal. 

For instance, Tylko helps you design your vinyl record storage in line with your style, taste and space. They employ a parametric design making your customization easy and fun. Whether you are vinyl die-hard or an ornamental collector, there is something for everyone at Tylko. The Tylko team is professional and experienced, guaranteeing you quality vinyl LP storage that will last a lifetime.

Dovetail Record Crate ($225)

The Dovetail Record Crate offers an incredible storage solution and a great minimalism feel. It can hold up to 100 LPs helping you declutter your brimming record collections. It also comes with leather handles and brass fasteners. They prevent the crate from slipping and falling as you move it from one surface to another.

MOLGER Storage Stool ($39.99)

IKEA keeps surprising us by offering creative storage ideas, some of which are highly affordable. For instance, the MOLGER stool is hyped as a storage unit for your towels and linens. However, most music enthusiasts use it as an impressive record storage unit. Besides, the top-most part can serve as a table where you can place your drinks as you dance to your favorite tunes.

12 by 12 Record Frames (10-$20)

Framing your collection keeps them safe and well in the display while adding light and life to your home. You can purchase the record frames from any store-most of which sell them at highly competitive rates. However, if you frame your record, it would be best to remove your vinyl and keep it elsewhere. Otherwise, it can get warped especially in a tight frame. You might also want to avoid framing your most valuable records to avoid sun damaging the sleeves. The hack is only to frame purely ornamental records or cheaper versions of your album.

Can-Am ($650)

If you love keeping things minimal, here is the ideal option for you. With a 560 LPs capacity, Can-Am is sleek, practical and available in a wide selection of colors. You can go for the chocolate brown or the plum color to suit your taste and preferences. Can-Am is highly versatile and has 38 modules and fixtures to accommodate your burgeoning records collection.